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There are Hundreds and Thousands of blogs out there, telling you about how to start a blog. Yes!!! It is true. 

They will tell you how to set up a WordPress account, Buying A domain, and Hosting account but, they don't clarify all the questions and doubts that you have. 
These are the only 3 things that most of them tell you so they can make money out of it. 

Believe me guys, this won't help you to reach heights. The main Motivation of this blog is to teach you everything, I mean everything about blogging. 

I primarily started this blog to address each and every question you have had about Blogging. 

I'm here to address all the questions about blogging, not to sell any products. I'll address every question right from starting. 

If you have any questions related to blogging please mention them in the comments session and ill address them or ill blog it and send you a personal copy to you. So let's dive into it. 

If you want a simple, Detailed guide on how to start a blog, you’ve come to the right place where I make the step by step process of creating a Blog from scratch. 

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process for starting a blog, and answer some common blogging questions, and show you free tools and resources that’ll put you on the path to success.

You’ll follow the simple steps, create your own blog, and start padding your wallet with tens and twenties.

Sound good?

Let’s start the battle.

How to start a blog

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Pick a topic, in which you have enough knowledge/interest to educate or inform others. or Define you’re “NICHE” and do thorough research about it once you have enough knowledge in the Niche, then You’re halfway through. 

Pick A Topic

Suggestion: If the niche is too much crowded then it will be difficult

Write down all the questions related to that Niche or the topic that you want to blog about in a book or word-pad. Show it to your friend or to another person. 

If he/she can understand what the topic is about in less than 5 to 10 lines, then you’re Done with step 1: Picking a topic. Let’s go to step 2.
How to Pick a Topic

Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

Choosing a Blogging Platform is as important as choosing the Topic. Believe me guys, I've made many mistakes earlier while picking the right blogging platform.

There are several free and paid to blog platforms out in the market, it may be Blogger, WordPress, Wix, or Square space, Pick the right one for you. 

Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

Suggestion: Try All the Blogging Platforms, I mean Top 3, Post basic content show it to Other bloggers, or your friends, or in that case anyone. 

Ask them for suggestions and “check the cost” and Pick it, don't give any second thought. 

There are many free blogging platforms out there, which are trying to keep you to their own platform, like Wix, Tumbler, Medium, and others. Don't fall for it. 

My personal Suggestion is to Choose Blogger or WordPress. 

The advantage to Blogger is, it’s a Tech Giant “Google” Product. Recently they have updated the blogger. It is far better than the legacy version. 

You don't need to have any coding knowledge. 

The advantage of WordPress is (37% of all websites use WordPress), it is the most used platform for Websites and Blogs. 

However, you should have patience. Because the learning curve in WordPress is steeper than Blogger. 
Choose a Blogging Platform

Step 3: Find a Domain name

Finding a Domain Name is not easy. Initially, you may like your creation, but others may not. So, pick a Domain from an audience point of view. Put yourselves in the shoes of a visitor and try it yourself. 

If you want to buy something online, would you go for Amazon or your website? If you pick Amazon, consider changing your Domain. 

Find a Domain Name

If you think you would pick Your own domain, that’s great, but you should answer a few questions. 

Like Why should someone come to my website rather than going to amazon, 
is it because, the quality of the service or the reliability? 
In what way is my site better than Others? 
What is the competition in this (Niche)field?

If you have answered, go and ask some random person or ‘s and tell him about your site and tell them the offerings. 

If he or she shows interest in it, then you’re almost set to conquer the market of that niche. 

Step 4: Find web Hosting

Guys Believe me in this. There are millions of hosting services out there. And everyone is trying to grab your attention, by offering the cheapest services initially. 

Once you set it up, after a while they will squeeze as much as possible. They won't leave a penny. They try to steal in whatever way it is possible. 

If you Don’t know what Web Hosting is then click here. 

Web Hosting

Web Hosting platforms like Blue Host, Site ground, Go-daddy are some, which are preferred for the initial bloggers like you or the top bloggers. 

They charge based on usage. However, you need to keep up with the cost for a while until you build consistent traffic to the site.

Yes, Web Hosting does cost money. But It’s worth it. However, if you're using Blogger you have no worries at all. 

Google takes care of it. You no need to pay any hosting costs. It’s Free. 

If you’re clear and Found the Web Hosting service then you’re done with step.4. 

Step 5: Choose a Theme and Plugins

Here are the Beauty and performance part comes in. 

Choosing the correct Theme is as important as choosing the Topic. Because 60% of visitors to any platform are mostly using Mobile. 

So Theme should be good enough to satisfy both the PC and Tab, Mobile Viewers. 

Choose a Theme and Plugins

There are free and Paid Themes available for both Blogger and WordPress. However, in this part WordPress has the Upper hand. 

They are built-in Themes and Millions of Free and Paid Themes are available.  

Plugins are another important step where you need to use Plugins like social media plugins, Performance, Security, and Other Plugins to rely on. With this, we’re done with Step 5. 

Step 6: Keyword research and SEO

Just like your domain, you should show equal importance to keywords. Google searches for keywords on the page and then it’s algorithms rank it accordingly. 

So focus more on keywords on the topic that you want to work on. 


SEO is another important part while ranking your article/Post/Blog on the web. 

There are many ways you can find relevant and important keywords on the Google search engine. 

There are specialized tools like Ubersuggest and google trends that are available for free for some point. Later on, you need to pay for the service. 

Write down all the keywords, and try to include or explain them in the blog. 

Step 7: Write your First post

I’m as excited as you’re. Write your First and live to change blog post. Remember Guys, Content is the King. You can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P, (Cut Copy Paste) Does not work at all. 

Google is much smarter than anyone. It can identify Duplicate content within seconds. 

If you think Copy Paste works, You’re 100% wrong. There is no way this will work. 

Write a Blog

Write your Blog on your own words, It’s okay if it is bad. You can improve later on. As long as you stick to your own content, in your own words, you will & Should succeed, at any cost. 

Suggestion:- Dot use auto spell correction tool for correcting sentences. Use them to correct words. 

These tools are good in finding grammatical and spelling errors, however, there are plenty of top articles which do not see the google first page. You know what I’m trying to tell? 

Always write in your own words, try to avoid words that are difficult to understand. Use wording like a 10th-grade kid. That way it can be understood by anyone. 

Use Images. Google Detects posts with relevant images much faster than without image posts. 

Keep Titles, and spacing correctly. Too much text won't attract an audience.

Start with an introduction to the post, make sure to include Contents, Include, Heading, subheading, and Conclusion. 

If you did create and complete your first post, that’s great. Congratulations.

Step 8: Publish and Promote

Now comes the Publishing, Promoting, and Marketing part of Blogging. 

There is a saying “ It may be You or Einstein unless you tell me about yourself or your work, how can I know?”

So always think like a Seller. Initially, it was difficult, believe me, I did come from the same spot. It takes time. I’m Telling all my secrets and techniques in this Blog. 

Publish and Promote

After you click on the publish button, it is on the web. 

Now promote it, on various platforms, like Pinterest, Twitter, or any social media platform whichever you use. 

Social media is the second most important traffic source after Organic search. 

Try promoting on any social platform, with interesting images, and cache content. 

It may take a while to build a large audience. But once you’re King in the field, everyone/anyone will follow and wait for your content/Post. 

Step 9: Build an Audience base

Building an Audience base is as important as promoting your Blog. You should be patient while your audience base is building up. 

Collect emails or follow them on social platforms. Reply personally to each and every comment. 

This way you’re establishing a personal relationship with your audience. If you reply personally in a smooth manner to any of the audience, they will wait for your post.  

Having a handful of audiences who want to know more is more important than having 100’s and 1000’s of a general audience. 

Build Audience

This all boils down to the “Niche”. You should provide quality and reliable content to your audience. Only then you will succeed. 

Ask Questions to your audience. Include a question in the last part of the Blog. You don't believe it, this will make wonders. 

You’ll get to know more about the audience and their understanding of the topic, and this will give you an idea for your next post. 

This way you’re hitting two birds with one stone. 

One, you get to know about your Audience and their understanding.
Two, you will get interesting suggestions and topic ideas for your next post. 

I know, this is not a simple thing, but this is a worthy career path, for so many people and a part-time profession for many more.  

Congratulations now you're officially a blogger. And include a link to your blog in the comments, I'll make sure to follow it.

10. Make Money Blogging

There are multiple ways you can make money with Blogging. Like Affiliate marketing, Sponsoring, Banner ads like google Ad-sense. 

Make Money Blogging

Now you're equipped with all the information about blogging and what is the process that needs to be followed while creating and promoting your blog.


If you're thinking to start a blog, then you made the right decision. But first, you shouldn't try "perfecting". 

"Just Start writing"

Later on, you can perfect writing and other alterations that you want to make. If you try to perfect blogging at you're the first stage, you need to spend more time, with minimal results. 

So simply choose a blogging platform and start writing a few posts, and then get to know other's who are in the field follow them step by step, and follow suggestions from the audience.